Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The tooth fairy again!!

The tooth fairy has to come here again tonight!! But this time, it's J's turn....

I took the kiddies off to visit the dentist this morning. It's really cool, we have a child dental clinic attached to one of the schools nearby, and it's all covered by Medicare so I don't have to worry about finding $$ if they need treatment. J just needed a checkup, and he has a tooth that's growing down over the baby tooth, so J and the dentist decided that it would be easier if she pulled the tooth. So he had his first ever oral anaesthetic needle, which he took like a champion! When the tooth came out, it didn't take any effort as it turned out to only be half a tooth - the other bit had come away the other day! So now we're negotiating just what half a tooth is worth to the tooth fairy? Last big tooth scored $2, so J figures this has gotta be worth at least $1....I'm not so sure!

N was a real pill when it was her turn. She has a little cavity on the front of one of her eye-teeth (the pointy ones) which had a temporary filling put on about a year ago but that filling has come off so she needs a new one. I really didn't think she'd make a fuss, given that she's had it done before, but I guess she must have forgotten about her last visit and so put on a bit of a performance over it. The dentist even resorted to promising not to use any tools, just to apply the filling like toothpaste (it seems a little like putty), but no. Not today. Or tomorrow. The next available appointment is not until Nov 28, so I hope this tooth doesn't begin to hurt her (too much!).

Of course, later this afternoon, she started thinking about last time when Daddy took her, and how it all went and that it wasn't scary or painful, and decided that she's ready to have her tooth fixed now. Right now. This afternoon. If only it were that easy!

I can understand her fear hesitance, but man it makes it difficult to get things done! No amount of bribery would induce her to take her fists away from her mouth... threats didn't work either!

Stay tuned for Round 2 next month.....

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