Monday, October 22, 2007

Mum, can I have my ears peeled like yours?

This is what N used to say when she was a toddler and liked to play with my earrings. "Peeled" I thought was pretty cute. And that raised the question of at what age should I get my daughter's ears pierced? Obviously, I'd already decided not to do it when she was a baby. So when? 2-3 yrs still seemed a little young, but I didn't want her to be one of those kids who wasn't "allowed" to have them done until a particular age either....I went to school with a couple of girls who had age limits set on them and it was hard for them, particularly once we got to high school and everyone had them done.

My mum tells me she had mine done when I was about 4 but I was concerned that N would play with them and either hurt them or get an infection or something. Trust me, I'm not usually one of those cotton wool mums! So I decided 5 was a good age. It's a bit of a milestone birthday anyway, what with big school looming and now the tooth fairy getting close.

On account of pre-school photos being taken tomorrow, we decided that today was the day. We went to the hairdressers to enquire about it, N decided that she wanted to go ahead and an appointment was booked for after lunch. In the meantime, we went elsewhere and had haircuts, N all the while telling the hairdresser all her news, what with the loose tooth and the pending ear-piercing and all. Then we went to the jewellers and bought some gold sleepers for her to wear in a few weeks when they've healed. Exciting times!!

At the appointed time, we arrived back at the hairdressers, took our time picking some pretty studs to have them pierced with, we went into the treatment room where the lady drew a dot on each ear lobe.......then N freaked. Which I can kinda understand. I mean, there were two ladies coming at either side of her head with a piercing gun each. No subterfuge, just straight out coming for her! There was much freaking out, many cuddles, some tears, a little bit of silliness.....but ultimately no ear piercing. I think she's a little disappointed, but hey, she's only little and it was a bit scary. She tells me that maybe when she's 5 she'll get it done!

Meanwhile, I'm now the proud owner of a very pretty pair of pink and gold studs that are absolutely useless for piercing now, as they've been opened and are no longer considered sterile. So I'll put them away, along with the sleepers, until we need them.


Steph said...

My 9 year old waited until she was 8 to get her ears pierced. She almost went away without it too. She was pretty mad at me for a while (I don't know why, it wasn't my choice!) Now she's glad she did it. My 5 year old is mentioning it lately too...she might be younger than my older one to get them done. We shall see!

Steph said...

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Mel said...

Thanks for the tag, Steph! I'm thinking.....

The rules say "link to the person who tagged you" do I do that? Once I know that, I'll post my 7.