Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My son came into me this morning brandishing.....a four-leaf clover! He's been hunting for one of these for ages, and he finally found one.....right here in our own backyard! Clever kid. So the precious lucky weed is now safely tucked inside a big book, in the hopes of pressing and preserving it. I hope it brings him all he dreams of.

Other news to note is that the training wheels came off my daughter's bike over the weekend, and boy can she ride! There was no hesitation in riding her two-wheeler unaided, didn't need a parent's help or a push to start off. A. set her the task of riding off the edge of the patio (onto the grass!), which seemed a bit much for her to start with. She started by stopping and rolling forward onto the grass, then progressed to stopping and putting the front wheel down then continuing on until, after a day of practice, she can ride around the patio and off onto the grass without stopping!

I'm so proud of my kids today!

(For the record, he'll be 11 in Feb '08 and she turns 5 at the end of this month.)

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