Monday, October 15, 2007

Lord, am I tired! School holidays have just finished (yay!), and the kids were reasonably well-behaved. J. spent most of the first week heading of on his bike to visit his mates, N. had her usual weekly routine - no school holidays at pre-school!

The second week saw us heading off down the highway to intercept Grandma at Yass. Then the kids went and had a few days with Grandma on their own, which they were really looking forward to, and I went off to visit with a friend who's just had her 4th baby. It was lovely. The kids got to do all the stuff they don't normally, like go to the movies twice in one week! And I got to have some grown-up time.....even though my friend has 4 children, they're not mine.....if you understand the difference.

Then it was off to Grandma's for me too. We had a night at the theatre where we saw Les Ballets Grandivas: Men in Tutus perform. Too funny! The dancing was spectacular, and the humour was mostly subtle nuances.....a stray foot here, a cheeky grin there. And of course, it was nice to go with my Mum.

But why am I so tired? Well, firstly my friends and I sat up til 3am playing the Buzz Big Quiz on Playstation2 (which was a bad move but a really fun game!), then I had to drive to Grandma's. Went out with her, then the next night we sat up late and watched it all over again on the DVD. Then I had to drive home. 9hrs without a co-driver.

Hubby's at work tonight so I think I'll go feed and drown shower the kids, then turn in for an early night myself.



Steph said...

Your mom lives 9 hours away from you? Yikes! I'm glad you got to visit with her and your kids got to see her too. It's always nice to spend time with Grandma! And you got time alone too! Unheard of! :)

Mel said...

Yep, kid-free time is usually unheard of here too! Usually, where I go, they go.....hubby on the other hand gets of scot-free!

Steph said...

Mine too! Those little stinkers anyway! I would love to be able to just go and have him worry about finding the babysitter for once! Wouldn't that be nice?