Sunday, October 28, 2007

A 4-day Birthday and the Tooth Fairy!

It's been a big weekend! N turned 5 yesterday and we had a birthday party for her at home - a first for all of us! And there's been a lot of cake.....

Wednesday evening saw me frantically making patty cakes after the kids went to bed so N could take them to preschool with her on Thursday (she only goes 2 days per week). All week, all she could talk about was the fact that she would get to sit on the "birthday chair" at school on Thursday, so she was pretty excited. Friday saw the arrival of Grandma, Auntie F and her two little boys. Friday night, Grandma drew the short straw and it was her turn to make cakes so N could take them to share with her ballet class on Saturday morning. Saturday was the actual birthday, and the day of the party. And yet another cake!

Saturday was a fine and sunny day, and the party was scheduled for 2pm, which turned out to be a good thing as there was no way I'd have been ready in time for a morning party! Another reason for an afternoon party was the hope that it'd start to cool down a little as I don't have a single tree to shade my backyard. I hired a jumping castle and it was fantastic. The kids had a really great time on it and things went really smoothly. N had a few of her friends from school, plus her friends who are also the children of my friends, plus her 2 aunties and 2 cousins, and Grandma, who stayed at our house for the weekend! About 15 kids all up. (Auntie F stayed at her mil's about half an hour away. Although she and the boys did stay here on Saturday night, which was a bit of a squeeze, but lovely all the same!) The party officially went for 2 hours, which was plenty of time, and then after the kiddies left, we tidied up a bit, then fired up the BBQ for dinner. The friend who owns the jumping castle stayed on for dinner with her hubby and 3 girls, and that was lovely.....and also meant the castle stayed up for a bit longer! Auntie A had brought her Playstation and Singstar games over so there was a bit of home-grown karaoke after dinner. I can honestly say I've never been interested in karaoke, never had the desire to get up in front of a room full of strangers and pretend like I can sing, but in the privacy of my own home? 'Nuff said...!

Today was a fairly quiet day, after Auntie F and her boys left we just kind of lolled around. N started going through her loot, picking out a few things to try, she got some stuff!

We went down to Nana K's for another BBQ tonight and guess what? N lost her first tooth!! So I guess the tooth fairy's gonna have to put our house on her list of visits for tonight.

All in all, a pretty big weekend for a little girl. Tuesday brings the first orientation day at big school, so that's something to look forward to for this week.

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