Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm Back!!

So A blew up the computer last Sunday. Literally! We went to the computer markets to buy some more RAM, brought it home and A opened up the computer, plugged the RAM in (which should have been easy-peasy) then the computer started making a really loud, alarm-like noise and A could smell burning. Promptly pulled the power cord out (which was the only way to shut it down) but it was too late. Where the new stick of RAM had gone was all charred, and some cap had popped on the motherboard. Oh no!! No computer! Poor A, I thought he was gonna cry! I thought I was too when I realised he didn't make a backup before he started.....grrrr!

It's funny, you don't realise how much you come to rely on computers until you suddenly don't have one. Several times that afternoon/evening, we had to remind the kids that they couldn't get on the computer coz it was dead. Several times over the next day or so I found myself wanting to look something up but couldn't.

We discovered, when we took it to the repair shop, that there was also quite a good burn mark inside the motherboard itself, which the guys were rather impressed with....seems they've never seen one fry itself quite like this before!

So quite a bit of money and a week later, we have a new and improved computer. Ours was 5 years old so was ready for upgrading anyway, so here I am. And if I ever catch A taking the back of the computer again, I think I'll chop his fingers off!

Oh, and the person who sold us the memory stick in the first place? Has kindly offered to refund us the money....all $35 of it. And give us another one. Hello? What about my computer? How can I install new memory when the computer is dead??

Moral to the story: When you wish to upgrade ANY part of your computer, save yourself the heartache and just take it back to the shop. Let the experts do it. At least then if they break it, they'll fix it!


Steph said...

I'm glad your computer is back...sorry about the headache getting it there!
Hope you don't have any more problems!

Rick said...

Never heard of a computer doing that. That must have been some upgrade. You blew it's mind.

Mel said...

Yeah, I'll say! There was a fair bit of hair-tearing and teeth-gnashing too.....