Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's nearly time...

The holidays are nearly over! Yippee!! Can you see me doing a dance of joy??

A has gone back to work as of last Wednesday....unfortunately, he's working nights for the first 2 weeks which means another 2 weeks of him hanging around the house during the day! It's gotten to the stage where we're starting to bicker over who's turn it is on the computer. Sad, I know.

There's only 8 more sleeps until J starts back at school - much to his horror. And only 9 more sleeps until N starts Kindergarten at "big school"! She's mega-excited, as you can imagine. Time flies so quickly, it doesn't seem like 5 years since I stopped working to stay home with her. We've nearly got all her school stuff ready, just waiting for payday to roll around (again!) so we can get her school bag and socks. I think that's it! Oh, and I have to take the hems up on her dresses. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!

It's a funny time....she's definitely ready for school, but am I ready to let her go??

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