Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Wow! 2007 has come and gone.....and here we are in 2008! Christmas was a busy, family-filled time for us this year as my family came to me this time. It was lovely having my parents, sisters and their families here, at different times and all at once, and now I know what it's like to be glad to see them leave too! In the nicest possible way of course, but it is good to have your house back to normal again. (PS. Singstar + alcohol = bad!) A thought he was very funny, and took the house lights down as soon as Mum drove off! Thankfully, I still have the tree you think I can wait until the children go back to school before I tackle that one??

New Year's Eve was a quiet affair.....kind of a counterbalance to Christmas, I guess! We had take-away pizza, watched a DVD with the kids, had a couple of quiet drinks and then.....Happy New Year! I knew the holiday season was over as soon as I decided to make tuna casserole (one of my staples) for dinner last night.....

So, I hope you had a great festive season, and may all your hopes and dreams for 2008 come true!

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